Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ready to go

The last dash to do all of the prep this weekend has paid off.

I managed to plot the last two rides including the ride back to the Port from Rotterdam.

My packing list has been finalised and they have all been put aside on the guest bed. I even went one further to pack it into the panniers and went for a 9 mile ride with the bike loaded. Hubby did the same. I wat wondering what car drivers and other cyclists were thinking when they passed us, probably 'shame - cycling in this wind, wondering if they have to go far!'

I am out with work on Thursday and will only be back late that evening, so my last day of getting things ready is really Wednesday.

I also managed to sort out chargers but more about an ingenious plan later.

The photos are off my stuff laid out and ready to be re-packed for Friday.

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