Wednesday, 4 July 2012

48 hrs till pedalling!

It's the middle of the week and we have only 48 hrs left.

This time on Friday we will be on the Ferry which has just left the harbour. Everything is ready to be packed. Lists have been made for the housesitter as well as a full list of emergency numbers.
I am keeping an eye on the Germany weather forecast - seems like a lot of thunder going on there, oh dear! But then it can't be worse than here. I've driven tonight behind a road cyclist who was so drenched, I really felt sorry for him. He was obviously caught in thetorrential rain that fell a mere 20 minutes before and I watched him struggling through huge puddles of water on the verge of the road. He nevertheless kept his head down and plough on. I hope he didn't have far to go.

I found another packing list on the web and pinched two items to add to mine - a bungee cord and some ziplock bags. The bungee cord will come in very handy on the trains that we need to take to ensure the bike/s are tied properly.

Here is my packing list:

Clothes for riding
1 pair of cycling shoes
2 pairs of socks
2 baggy cycle short plus padded undershorts
3 cycling tops
Pocket rocket
1 pair of cycling gloves
Cycling glasses with clear and dark lenses  

Travel towel and face cloth
Deodorant Small toothbrush and paste
Small first aid box
Hayfever tablets and spray
Sun cream Shower gel
Washing powder
Travel hairdryer
Contact lens case and solution

Other bits 

2 spare tubes
Puncture repair kit
Garmin Edge
Memory stick with routes
Euro converters
Energenie 5 000MaH charger
Money Physical maps
YHA card
Transfer cables
Spare Samsung battery
Bookings paperwork
Book and pen
Playing Cards?

For leisure

2 pairs of underwear
1 pair of lightweight walking trousers
1 pair of lightweight sandals
2 T-shirts 1 merino jersey
Swimming suit?

So lots of work tomorrow then back home to do final prep before we set off.

Can't wait!!!

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