Saturday, 11 August 2012

Back to normal?

So what will cycling life after the Olympics be like in Britain? Will attitudes towards cyclists change?

I've read a number of articles over the last few weeks suggesting that the success of the GB team in cycling, will actually influence driver behaviour on the road. I'm maybe a cynic but I think that is unrealistic. There is still a massive amount of ignorance out there towards cyclists ad cycling. Taking today for instance. We had our regular Ladies ride and I lead the faster group. Cycling along an open straight road, a car came squeezing passed, nearly colliding with an oncoming car which in turn furiously started hooting at this ridiculous driver that couldn't wait until there was enough time to pass. No doubt that us cyclists will also get a tell off for just being on the road.

What does the Highway code say?

Rule 163 : give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you  would when overtaking a car (see Rules 211-215)

Surely that means a car width!? There are very few drivers that actually apply this rule. Usually they squeeze passed you compromising the oncoming car as well as the cyclist they are overtaking.

Enough negatives. Casual riding is in full swing in my household. We have even discovered the odd early morning ride when you can drag yourself out of bed at 7am as well as lovely evening rides after work. Nights are drawing in and thoughts are dwelling on good lights and hi-viz clothing. Our regular Wednesday evening club ride is getting darker and darker. Whilst it is quite exhilarating to do some night riding, it is both scary and fun!

We are already planning the next bike adventure, cycling from Santander in Spain to St.Malo in France. Mainly because we want a sunny cycling holiday and secondly because it is so glorious cycling in France. We had so much fun along the Rhine and what an adventure it was. Our picture frame in the lounge has been loaded with all the holiday snaps and they bring back so much memories. Such good memories. Even though the weather didn't always play along, it was still overall fun and spectacular.

All our routes along the Rhine have been mapped with GPS so if anyone needs them, give me a shout and I will pass them on.

Happy cycling and enjoy the last of the summer days.