Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 3 Strasbourg to Karlsruhe

A ride couldn't be more different. It was very hot and sticky. We were seeking shelter everywhere ! It was an anticipated difficult getting out of Strasbourg situation, but turned out to be good and easy. Within 5.5mi we were out of the city and on our way north along a beautiful shady cycle path.

This didn't last though as we joined a fabulous but relentless cycle path along the Rhine which was just going and going. We managed to build up speed so our average today is 12.4mi which is good again. The total distance was just more than 65 miles.

Something which is really not nice on a bike is to go over railway tracks and there seem to be a lot of them here. Something which isn't here (but in England) is roadkill. I has seen only one so far. Maybe to be expected when you are on a cycle path?

We got into Karlsruhe just after 3pm, a good run. The hostel is less modern than Breisach and Lörrach and there are a lot of Chinese schoolchildren around. We took a walk to the Schloss and then to mid town to find food for tomorrow lunchtime and for dinner tonight.

Oh, major lesson today - plan ahead with water!! We nearly ran out of water twice due to the heat. Once we managed to buy water from a French village shop (just had the foresight to buy some) and the second time was an emergency when we did run out and had to get water from a campsite along the way.

We're planning a very early start tomorrow, firstly to avoid any breakfast queues from 7am and secondly to get out of the city when it is still relatively off-peak.

Calories burned today: 3280

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