Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 11 Rees to Doorwerth

Crossing a national border on your bike is always a highlight so today was no exception. We pulled out maps last night to double check when the actual crossing will happen so it was rather disappointing today to find at Millingen an de Rhijn that the only indication of crossing the border is that the language changed from German to Dutch. I expected at least a signpost or something!

Leaving Rees this morning was fine, we got on the bikes at around 8.30, weaved our way out of the town and down to a people ferry (personen fähre) to cross to the other side of the river. Reading the board revealed that it only goes between 10am and 19pm on Wednesdays. Hmmm. A quick look at the map and we are off to take a detour, trying to beat the ferry. Note to self: this antics will come back to haunt you!

Pedalling like mad, the route went north then west, then north and then west (you get my drift?). Times when it went west my speed dropped to about 8 miles an hour due to the strong gusts. When the wind subsided it bounced back to 11, 12 miles per hour.

The cycle route changed as soon as we went over the border, and so did the amount of cyclists! Lots!! The signs started to display the 'knoop punt roetes' or knotted routes on the signs and I felt more at home. I was back in a country where the language is very familiar :-)

Coming to haunt us was the extra mileage did. As the route was planned, it provides you with some sort of idea of now many miles to expect and as we did a detour, we added miles this morning. Our expected 39 miles came and went and instead we got 46 miles! Not good for your frame of mind at the end of a challenging day.

We arrived near Arnhem where the Stayokay is (Doorwerth suburb) and have had showers, did the familiar washing of clothes and is now sitting with a beer relaxing. Tomorrow will be a very long day with 68 miles to do (usually that turns out mire like 73 miles), and adding to that the wind that is forecasted again. We have really been unlucky with this week's weather. Next time...

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