Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 2 Breisach am Rhein to Strasbourg

Ok for those interested in stats: 55.10 miles, 2688 calories burned and 4hr 24 cycling time with an average speed of 13mi an hour. Not bad!
It was a brilliant cycling day. The predicted rain was gone and instead we had cloudcover - which we needed after yesterday's sunburn. It was hot and humid and spectacular.
The small French villages are very quaint. They all have German names e.g. Bindernheim, Witternheim, Schwobsheim but in reality they are very French! This stems probably from a time when this region went from Germany to France due to either border disputes or wars. We saw some really spectacular houses with lots and lots of flowerbaskets drooping over windowsills and beautifully painted houses, particularly 2 purple ones.
The pictures to the blog post will follow later as I have them separate on my phone. Marckolsheim was very special and it got 4 stars on the Villages Fleurie competition. After weaving our way through the villages, we turned onto the towpath along the Canal du Rhône du Rhin which took us straight into Strasbourg. Lovely tarmaced surface, the only problem here are some tree roots which made some surfaces a bit bumpy.
Lunch was from a supermarket in Boofzheim and were 4 Herta sausages, 4 doughnuts, 2 bananas and 2 Heinekens. Shared between 2! A good carbo cycling lunch.
We are in good accommodation tonight, our first hotel (Comfort Inn). The youth hostels were so far very kind to us as even though we were booked into female and male dorms, we've been sharing a bedroom at no extra cost.
Tomorrow is an even longer day with 63 miles planned. But having got to Strasbourg in such good time, gives us now the opportunity to go and do some sightseeing in Strasbourg.

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