Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 7 Koblenz to Bonn

The slow start to the day made us lose our rhythm this morning. The cable car, that took us up to Ehrenbreitstein, was only opening at 10am, so decided to have a 'lie in' which meant that we got up at 7.30 instead of 6.30 as usual.

We had 20miles less to do today so we were pretty relaxed when we waited to get the cable car down. It did upset our usual planning to complete at least half the distance by lunchtime.

Opening the curtains this morning I drew a breath of despair and it was pouring with rain. At one time it was coming down so hard during the ride that we had to seek shelter under a bridge, a cyclist's best friend in bad weather :-)

The ride went well and we saw a huge amount of boats again, some vineyards and a lots of touring cyclists, but not as many as yesterday when we counted 80 coming towards us.

Two tips for a trip like this: a site called Bett und Bike or Bett & Bike is an excellent source to find accommodation that takes cyclists and their bikes.
Second tip: when in doubt where to go, follow the locals! On several occasions we've been shown the way especially in towns, by local cyclists.

Lunch was chocolate French bread like brioche, Snickers, Salami sticks and cheese slices.

The weather was rainy most of the day, often just a drizzle. Bonn soon appeared on the horizon and our hotel got in sight. The clouds looks extremely black this evening, I hope for some sunshine tomorrow.

Distance done so far since starting this Rhine challenge, 400.3 miles.

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