Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 9 Dusseldorf to Duisburg

A very short day!
We had a semi lazy start and found our way out of Dusseldorf. The cycle way along the Rhine mostly took us through an industrial part of Germany. At times it was quite windy and with the panniers on, it was difficult cycling but at least we avoided getting wet (until tonight). We had to take a few detours to avoid some flood defences and roadworks, which added another mile.
We found the hostel which is in North Duisburg, but unfortunately the area is less nice. No food was available the hostel so we had to walk and id the U-bahn. By the time we came out of the restaurant which we found in the old part of Duisburg, it was bucketing it down! So got SOAKING wet!
Tomorrow we are off to Rees of which I know nothing so I better check Google!

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