Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day minus one

<p>Thunderbolt and lightening woke me up during the middle of the night, and I wear earplugs! Forecast said that there would be a serious band of rain sweeping over the UK so I thought that must be it. However, when I woke up at 6.30am, after my struggle to fall asleep again, the rain was hammering it down outside. Weather reports came in of serious flooding alerts across Yorkshire, a total of about 90. This didn't bode very well for our cross Yorkshire train trip towards Hull at all. I was on Twitter to National Rail probably thrice who reassured me that our journey seems still viable.</p>
<p>We got seriously drenched during our ride to the station. The rain was seeping into my eyes and at one time I couldn't see properly whilst dodging puddles of water. We got to the station with an hour to spare which was great to dry off (a bit). The train was on time but oh ever so slow. Everytime it stopped I thought might missed some four connections. As we were travelling with bikes, they gave us a tedious journey - Chester to Stockport to Doncaster to Hull. So 2 changes all together. The train at Stockport was 5 minutes late arriving which turned into a bad 20 minutes along the way, so we missed the Beverley train at Doncaster.</p>
<p>Luckily we managed to get onto another Hull train 20 minutes later. </p>
<p>Now more drama! Planning ahead I switched on my Garmin only to find that no saved rides can be found. WHAT????? I've put them on myself AND checked this morning if they were on it. (Did I have a precondition or what?) The only explanation is that I 've put them into a folder on the Garmin which isn't accessible. How silly is that?? Lesson to self: Always check the rides after you have loaded them on and avoid unnecessary stress.</p>
<p>The drama queen wasn't done with us yet as Stephen got a bad puncture as we were&nbsp; trying to find our way to the Ferry port (remember no Garmin?)</p>
<p>Well, we got on the boat and has started to relax. The dinner was good and my watch has been adjusted to GMT +1

Breakfast is at 7am which is 6am UK time. Mmm perhaps time to go to bed.

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