Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Two girls on bikes

Brrrrr!! What a freezing day yesterday was!

I am homebased (Whoohoo !) this whole week and after being encouraged to look more after my own well being, I just couldn't resist the excellent weather we had yesterday.

I sent a Facebook update on Sunday asking if someone wants to go with and Jo responded as she planned to go out for a ride too. We agreed to meet at the Queens pedestrian bridge that spans the Dee in Chester.

Good grief but it was cold!! The frost was everywhere and by 9.30am nothing had melted. The fields were white and cycling was difficult. It felt like my bike weighed a ton and I just couldn't get going. My face was freezing and I even put my balaclava (under my helmet) over my lips with only my eyes showing. I must have been a funny picture to some motorists! My lips are quite sore today - usually I wear lipbalm when out and about on my bike but somehow I forgot that yesterday. Mmmm.

Frost on the bridge
Arriving at the Queens bridge was interesting. Usually I cycle over but this time I had to get off. See the picture!

The bridge was covered in a thick layer of frost with some marks where other cyclists have gone over - some looked like skid marks!

I met up with Jo on the other side, both of us arriving simultaneously. The route took us out if Chester, down Sandy Lane and down the B5130 towards Aldford where we planned our first stop.
The fields along the road were slowly starting the defrost but had still severe frost under trees and in the shadows.

Jo sitting in the sun!
We stopped as planned at the Grosvenor pub in Aldford. First thoughts were that it is shut but we saw a gardener at the back with a leaf blower so he went in and got us a yes for some tea and outside sitting in the weak chilly sun.

The rest of the journey went smoothly and after reaching Dodleston I lead Jo to get back towards her route home. I did just over 20mi and burned almost 1000 cals!

Thanks Jo, that was a lovely ride and I hope one of many in the coming winter.
Tea! All cyclists preferred beverage (me thinks!)


I had the privilege on Saturday 16 October to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Manchester and District CTC as Elected CTC Councillor for the North West. I am one of two councillors, the other being David Robinson.

I met very friendly cyclists who have cycling close to their heart. The venue was quite interesting; at The Friends Meeting House in Manchester opposite the library on St Peter Sq. When I walked into the building, there were lots and lots of tables on both sides displaying Socialist literature and it seemed that they had a student meeting scheduled !

The AGM started promptly at 2.15pm and finished at 4pm. It was not very well attended - I guess about 12 people at the most, but I guess that is typical of AGMs. A special award was given by the President Laurie Green to a very long serving member, Graham Trunks (see photos below). Graham has been publishing the 'Northern Wheel', the Manchester and District quarterly magazine for 26 years and has now retired. One of the sad things is that nobody has yet stepped forward to take over the editing of this wonderful magazine. I was very fortunate to receive the very last copy of the 'Northern Wheel' and what a beauty this is! Not only are there the regular features in it but also reports from other groups like Macclesfield Wheelers, Bury, Warrington Road Club and many more.There are also some very interesting touring tales in!

My next AGM is this week Thursday when I will attend the AGM of South Manchester CTC.

 The photos here are of Laurie Green presenting the long service award to Graham Trunks.

Another photo of Laurie and Graham with Mike Wigley, their Secretary in the backdrop.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The last of the Summer Wine???

Today was going to be a cycling day anyway - come what may! The weather was predicted to be good, in fact, it was said that it would be superb with lovely sunshine and a proper warm temperature.
So why waste it and do something indoors?

We headed for a Farm Shop near Hawarden for a quick short ride just to find it will shut in 10 minutes so we got a couple of Cokes and a packet of double Choc biscuits. A bit dry but nice and crunchy.

Cycling back was a whizz and a quick ride home. Past lots of sloes and blackberries which are definitely export quality! What a summer we had!!

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