Thursday, 5 July 2012

10 hrs to go

Last checks have been made and we are ready to start. I was in Coventry today for work but was very conscious that I need to get home safely to start the holiday!

Hideous journey to Coventry today as there was bus at the Toll booth that was searched due to terrorist activities - turns out to be someone with an electronic cigarette! All this caused the M6 toll to be shut at the most critical time of the day with disastrous results for the usual M6 through Birmingham.

I arrived safely and did a last check on paperwork to ensure that I have all the papers for our bookings and travel. I also checked arrivals and departures for our train from Rotterdam to Basel and also found platform details. A plastic wallet for my train reservation was found and attached to my seat pillar post.

So sleep and off we go!

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