Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 4 Karlsruhe to Mannheim

It's official, France has better cycling routes than Germany.

We went twice wrong today and both times were because the cyclepath turned into a tractor track. We did 59.95 miles and it was supposed to 55.7miles. I burned 2995 calories which always good.

The day started on an exciting note as we got up really early, went to breakfast, and left about 8.15am. The route gradually took us out of the city and soon we were on our way. At 15 miles we got too ferry to get us to the other side of the Rhine where our route continued.

Some pictures below. The Rhine flows extremely fast and boats and ships that goes against the stream uses probably three times more fuel than those going down stream. We saw some river cruise boats, barges and Ferries today as the route at one time followed te river right next to it.

One of the exiting bits yesterday that I forgot to mention was that we went through the France Germany border on a cyclepath. Quite something.

It was a hard ride today. The weather was humid but not as sunny as yesterday. Having to double back twice was not good and the wind didn't always play along. My lower anatomy can also feel that this is my fourth day in the saddle. Ouch !!

Mannheim Youth Hostel is very new, but we were not impressed as they don't have a bike store room so our bikes are sleeping outside.
We also did a short walk to the city - not really city to write home about as they say. Their palace or Schloss looks unkempt and everywhere is graffiti. No, Mannheim doesn't get any points, sorry!!

Anyway, as they say, a picture tells a thousand words so here are some to look at.

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