Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 12 Doorwerth to Gorinchem

This day was so bad that I tried to obliterate it out f my mind by delaying the blogging ! Hence why I am writing it 24 hrs later.
It started raining as we were having breakfast basically it didn't stop. The rainshowers were very heavy and almost torrential at times. There was not enough time to dry out between one when the next one would set in.
I saw some really interesting stuff along the way but if it was raining, the picture got lost :'(

Gorinchem is really lovely. We are in the old part which is almost like an island with walls around it. The place where we are staying is a lovely self catering unit with beds for 4, a small kitchen and a porch that faces onto the canal. Last night we watched some dragon boat racing. Boy can she beat those drums!!
Dinner was some beers, a lovely pasta and some choco marshmallows cakes that we all found in Aldi for €8·74. Cheap!
This morning will start with another ferry ride to Sleeuwijk before we get cycling. Then into Rotterdam and into the famous Cube Houses for our last night.
Ok, I have to get packing now so we can get the 9am ferry!

Out of your car, put off your lights and pull your handbrake up!

Lovely long quiet road on our way to Gorinchem

Our accomodation in Gorinchem

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