Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Counting the days

Being busy means that time flies, so after having a small panic attack today, I had a quick count on my calendar and found that it is a mere 9 days before we set off for Basel.

So much to do ! I need to make a list of what to go in my panniers and get that ready. Items like hayfever spray and tablets have been requested from the surgery but that's about it. I havent yet sat down with a pen and paper to jot down what will go into my kit. Oh, something else I have managed to think about is cycling gear or clothing. As we are cycling mostly on cycle paths and quiet roads, I have made a decision to abandon my lycra and don some cycling apparel that will make me look more like a leisure cyclist. I bought some mountain biking shorts with the inner padded short to go with it and some walking sandals. Walking sandals I hear you say. Well, I looked at the Shimano sandals which are currently available and they look almost like a complete shoe. Not like a sandal at all.
Merrell Kahuna III Ladies Sandals

After careful thought I decided to get some good walking sandals with a stiff sole which will suit my trip. I read a large number of reviews before settling on the Merrell Kahuna III.

On the right is a picture of them. I flexed the sole in a store (won't name the store!) and it felt really stiff, just what you need for a bike ride. I then did a few searches and bought it online. Oops! Some reviews indicated that people used it for cycling and walking which made me more comfortable in my choice.

I'm not sure if I am making a really bad choice here. I guess if it turns out to be wrong, I can buy a pair of proper cycling shoes when we pass through one of the big German cities which will definitely have good bike shops.

I also wrote to ECF - the European Cycling Federation - asking if wearing cycling helmets are compulsory in France, Germany and Holland. I knew Holland is a no, but I wasn't sure about Germany and France. To my delight they confirmed it isn't, so my cycling helmet is definitely NOT going on this trip.

So a couple of days still to map and then lists to make, from what goes into the panniers, to what is MUST sees along the route! 9 Days and counting...

I've so far mapped Days 1 to 11 and here is a flavour of one of them; Day 6.

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