Sunday, 20 May 2012

Promises of good weather

This past weekend must have been one on the greyest so far. I know there are shades of grey so this one must be on the scale pretty much towards the top end.

I was busy this weekend - too busy to ride. When I walked over the Handbridge this morning on my way to church, three women cyclists came towards me from the Chester side. The front one was pedalling furiously to stay ahead and cross the bridge and when she came close, it was with a pang of jealousy that I recognised the three as friends from the ladies group that I cycle with.

They were obviously on their way to a good day out on their bikes and I waved them on their way - with some serious longing!

As soon as my duties were done this afternoon, I hopped on my bike to do the short circuit ride that I usually do. Coming with me was my daughter, so although I ached to get the pedals going, it was much more appropriate to cycle steady and make sure she keeps up.

It was a very pleasant ride at 6pm and most of the animals were out. We saw rabbits, gold finches, black birds and mice. Almost a golden hour for wild life. The Hawthorn is still blooming and often you would cycle through a patch of air laden with its smell.

I am off tomorrow and have plans to do more cycling after my physio appointment. The days are getting very short and soon we are off on the 2012 adventure, so I need to pack any training in when I can. The next two days look particularly good for being out on a bike.

Hello sunshine, goodbye grey!

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  1. The Rape fields certainly brighten up the grey!