Saturday, 30 June 2012

All days have been mapped

Today was spent jotting down the list of things to pack, mapping the last two days and going to an outdoor shop to get some lightweight walking trousers that can easily be converted into shorts if needed. The weather in Germany is hot - that is expected. The weather here in Enland is hideous! AS I sit here writing, the wind is gushing against the window and it is raining on and off. It is difficult to think that in a week's time we will be on the train winding down towards Basel in hot sunny weather. The map to the left shows the predicted weather for next Friday. A lot of thunder it seems!
The map below is part of the Rhine Delta route. We will follow a big part of it with the exception that this starts in the Hoek of Holland (Hook of Holland) instead of Europoort where we get in with the ferry. It also finishes at the border between Germany and Holland where we will continue our cycle to Rees. So much to do and so little time left!
Find more map in Millingen Aan De Rijn, Netherlands

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