Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The season has started

The weather has finally turned friendlier although I should probably not mention this too soon as colder weather has been predicted for the weekend.

I took part in my first Sportive of the season by completing the Wiggle Cheshire Cat last Sunday starting from Crewe. As this is the first ride of the season, we did the 47 mile short option. During the ride I made a classic mistake of following a group of riders down a lane. After a while I glanced down to my Garmin only to notice that I am totally off the pink line which shows the route.

I didn't want to turn around immediately as just at that moment another group of riders came past  me and they were definitely part of the Wiggle. So I carried on. Hmmm.

Not good as I was carried more and more away from the route and finally decided I had indeed gone very wrong.

I cycled back like the clappers and gathered that it was about a 2 mile mistake.

Oh dear, only it wasn't as it turned out to be a whole 4.5 miles more than the route. Well, I completed the 47 mile sportive with 51.5 miles on my Garmin.

Next Sunday is another big ride on our calendar, the CTC Spring Tourist Trial which is 50 miles in total. At least I can say that my Wiggle mistake gave me the opportunity to prove that I can do a 50 miler in 4.10 including stopping time!

On the big holiday front things are falling into place. Everything has been booked and reserved apart from the train from Rotterdam to Basel. I checked today and it seems we can book that on 6 April which is around the corner.

I want to pull together a lightweight folder with all me our reservations in, some notes about distances and suggested things to see along the way and where we overnight.

I am amazed at how many places where I booked didn't bother for a deposit. In the UK it is standard practice but it seems there are much  more trust on the continent!!

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