Monday, 14 March 2011

Fabulous Ladies Ride - 12 March 2011

It was a great day for cycling! We met up at the Kingsway Cafe as usual and then head towards the 50p shop near Huxley. We had a few new girls, which is always good, and some who have been cycling for a while.

The stop was lovely tea and scone at the small cafe on-site at the 50p shop and I bought a few books - a couple of Sudoku books, a wordsearch book and a crossword book.

Jo and I needed to find home soon due to other commitments and left ahead of the others. Overall a very enjoyable ride!

Big plans for coming Sunday is to make my way over to Preston to meet up with the Belles there. They are doing a 25mi ride which take them to a lunch stop. I need to get on the train for 8.30am and will arrive at 10.39am where Ursula will meet me. I'm looking forward to that and hopefully another blog post.

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