Sunday, 20 March 2011

A day out in Lancashire with the Fylde Bicycle Belles

Today was a really lovely day. Part of my role as CTC Councillor is to meet the groups in the North West and get to know them. It is very useful to talk to member groups and find out how they are getting on and if there are any problems.

I was invited up to the AGM of the Fylde Bicycle Belles last year but due to circumstances, couldn't make it. I've kept contact and got an invite to do a ride with them. To me personally, this is the best way to get to know and talk to members.

So a date was set and we agreed that today would be the day for me to join them.

I got up at a silly Sunday hour (6.30am), left the house on my bike at 7.30am and got the 8.30am train to Liverpool. Travelling to Preston is not really that far but as fate goes, there were maintenance work scheduled so the fast route wasn't possible. It was a bit dodgy as no bike reservations were required for the journey up but in the end it was allright. The train from Liverpool to Preston (went to Blackpool North) was a milk train - stopped everywhere! The straps to tie your bike wasn't really good so my bike kept sliding. I was rather nervous about that so my journey up wasn't as relaxed as it could've been.

I got to Preston station and found my way out - only to realise that I took the wrong turn and that Ursula was probably elsewhere! I saw someone who was looking like a Postie on the middle platform after I went back to search for her (Sorry Ursula! I need to explain here: her pannier looked exactly like a Postie pannier from behind!) and realised it was her.

We made our way out and headed for Avenham Park where the others were waiting. We were 6 all together - Ursula, Sarah, Marion, Mandy, Julie and me.

The initial ride took us along some nice cycleways and thus avoiding the traffic. I managed to see some really hillarious lane names: Sod Hall Lane; Wholesome Lane and Long Meanygate.

Lunch didn't come soon enough. We were all really hungry and in the mood for some good food. Sarah, who was ride leader today, took us to to the Marina near Rufford. The view was great and after a short spell of waiting patiently outside, we got a table just as it started to drizzle.

After lovely fish and chips (and a double chocolate gateaux) we were ready for the ride back. At about 3.50pm I said my goodbyes and split from the group to head for the station.

Overall a really nice day - thanks girls! It was good to meet you and I would love it if we can do that again.

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